May 16, 2022

Woodsense enters into collaboration with CLT Denmark

Woodsense enters into collaboration with CLT Denmark

Woodsense has initiated a collaboration with CLT Denmark in connection with documentation of CLT's properties in relation to resisting moisture. Here, our moisture meter must follow and monitor various elements in order to document how they are able to withstand moisture.

Interest in the use of CLT in construction is constantly increasing, as it is both a green and CO2-friendly construction material. It is estimated that wood construction could reduce the climate impact of the construction industry by about 50 per cent compared to building materials such as steel and concrete.

With the increased interest in CLT in construction comes an increased interest in knowledge about moisture in wood. CLT Denmark and Woodsense have therefore joined forces to build knowledge and documentation of the moisture resistance of the elements.

Not all wood products are equally resistant to moisture, and there is still a lack of knowledge and documentation on how building materials are wetted, where the moisture sits, how the elements dry out, which also depends to a large extent on the materials around the wood. For example, different types of vapour barrier can have a major impact on the drying out of the wood compared to building without a vapour barrier.

CLT is a robust, solid and almost immutable material. It is very difficult for moisture to penetrate the material, since it is glued with the fiber directions at the intersection of each other. The material cannot expand. With Woodsense, we can put numerical values on and thus verify the product's resistance. As DNA in our company, we have to act on the basis of knowledge and thus provide security for builders, architects, engineers and contractors, says Per Thomas Dahl, Director at CLT Denmark.

The collaboration will work at the project level, so our sensors are able to follow the CLT elements from factory to finished construction:

We know from the manufacturer and from completed projects that CLT used properly and sensibly does not have moisture problems. But with this collaboration with Woodsense we will get up close and personal, and in this way get information about moisture levels minute by minute, explains Per Thomas Dahl.

With an increased interest in the use of CLT in the industry, we are proud that our sensor solution can help build more knowledge about the material and its moisture resistance in the Danish climate.

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