July 1, 2022

Support from Realdania's Innovation to Market

Support from Realdania's Innovation to Market

From March, Woodsense could be on the list of selected companies for Realdania's Innovation to Market campaign, which is aimed at promoting sustainable transition and growth for construction companies. The multi-annual campaign runs from 2021 to the end of 2023 and provides financial support and technical and commercial advice for construction companies.

Realdania works to promote sustainable construction and sustainable cities. The latest report from ConTech Lab, developed in collaboration between Molio, Realdania and the Danish Industry Foundation, highlights digitalisation as one of the most effective tools for securing the sustainable construction of the future. A report in which Woodsense is also highlighted, as one of the companies that through digitization helps to create the construction of the future.

Innovation to the market, as Realdania's main effort targeted at construction companies, focuses on promoting the companies that support the digitization of Danish construction. Through financial support and technical and commercial advice, Innovation to Market addresses the challenge of many new sustainable solutions: moving from idea to market.

In this context, we have been given the opportunity to put into words what the support from Innovation to market means for Woodsense:

"Support from Innovation to market opens up the possibility of spending more time with customers and developing add-ons for the solution that makes it possible to be more helpful to customers." – Jeppe Rasmussen, CEO Woodsense.

The support Woodsense has received from Realdania has meant an opportunity to spend more time with customers and gain a better understanding of how customers each get value out of our solution - as well as to develop and implement the solutions.

The support from Realdania has also helped Woodsense finally attach official documentation from the Technological Institute for the Product Verification of the Sensor Solution, which was carried out in February.

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