June 13, 2022

Demo version of digital platform

Demo version of digital platform
Woodsense platform menu
Woodsense platform menu

Language options and weather data from Sweden

In March, we translated and implemented an English version of the platform, so you can now easily change languages from Danish to English and vice versa.

We have also implemented weather data from Sweden, making Woodsense ready to enter the Swedish market.

Demo platform ready for use

In March, we launched a demo version of our digital platform, which can be tested using artificial data. In the demo version, you can see the location of the sensor, extract reports, and view conditions for humidity and temperatures.

With the launch of the demo platform, it is possible to experience how user-friendly the platform really is - even if you are yet to have gotten your hands on a wireless moisture sensor.

The data we generate through the demo version also helps us to become better at capturing anomalies in the future.

The demo platform can be tested right here.

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