July 15, 2022

Monitoring from factory to wet construction site

Monitoring from factory to wet construction site

Building is easy if everything goes as planned. However, this rarely happens. Surprising downpours, a bump in the road, a wrong screw, delays, pressure and millions of other things can - and will - go wrong. For the actors in the process, it is essential to have insight into the quality of your building elements. A solution which BM Construction Industry (BM) is now testing with NCC.

During the renovation to 400 million, Rønnebærparken will have put on 71 roof dwellings in the form of BM's fantastic prefabricated wooden module houses.

monitor moisture construction site

Since moisture monitoring is required in the roofs during behavior, BM has chosen Woodsense's sensor solution to continuously monitor the roof cassettes and other exposed areas during the construction process.

Already at the factory in Hobro, sensors have been put in the closed roof cassettes so that BM can keep an eye on the moisture conditions in the wood and the surrounding environment - through storage, transport and for delivery on site.

Moisture sensors in closed roof cassettes
Automatic sensor moisture management
Sensors in closed roof cassettes

Sensors have also been put on the site, as BM would like to keep an eye on critical sites (which they have otherwise had approved by the insurance) as an additional safety and documentation and provide the safety in the construction process to the contractor and the developer.

Ideally, these sensors would remain in place until construction is complete, for 5 years of checks and for further use, so that the developer can become wise to the performance and durability of his building over time.

Sensors in closed roof cassettes
Sensors in closed roof cassettes

Setting up the sensors saves BM a lot of time, as the alternative would be to have to pick up data from moisture loggers and manually walk around with the insert meter to keep an eye on the humidifier level.

The problem with the manual insert measurements is that the numbers are never consistent and do not sound alarms when the elements are too exposed or if suddenly there is a leak that can be devastating to the construction.

This is what Woodsense offers in terms of the intelligent alarms sent to the customer as soon as there is evidence of something abnormal that needs to be checked. It may be when the humidifier has increased dramatically within a short time, if the humidity inside the roof cassette is too high while the humidity is not high outside, and due to many other things that our algorithm analyzes in real time.

Sensor values shown on the Woodsense platform

In order to overcome injuries, continuous monitoring must be carried out so that we can preventatively catch damage instead of reacting reactively.

The technology for this is here in part and it won't be long before it's completely here. The players who choose to invest in solutions like ours and gain experience will be much better off in the future. But it takes brave ambitious companies like BM Construction Industry.

If you want to hear more about the intelligent solution for moisture measurement, please contact us here.

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