July 15, 2022

Woodsense selected as part of Urbantech Mentoring 2021

Woodsense selected as part of Urbantech Mentoring 2021

Woodsense has been selected as one of 15 Danish startups to be part of Urbantech Mentoring 2021, a new mentoring program launched by Realdania and the Danish Industry Foundation.

The purpose of the programme is to promote start-ups in Denmark and contribute to the development of innovative digital solutions to shape the sustainable cities of the future. Woodsense has also just been selected for our intelligent solution which has the potential to make the cities of the future better and more sustainable.

The Danish mentoring programme is run by Rainmaking in collaboration with the Danish innovation hub BLOXHUB, which also works with sustainable urban development.

Access to networks of actors in sustainable construction

With Urbantech Mentoring 2021, Woodsense gets offers for teaching, training, inspiration, targeted mentoring – as well as access to a large network of actors in sustainable urban development.

In connection with Realdania's article about the selected startups, Jeppe Rasmussen, founder and CEO of Woodsense stated the following:

"In order for wood construction to gain properly in the construction industry, we must eliminate damage in future timber construction. We only do this by monitoring the wooden elements and following them throughout the value chain into the operation of the building. This requires both a deep understanding of the industry's most innovative and green players and of their processes. Through Urbantech Mentoring, we therefore hope to gain access to industry-renowned people who can help us create a close partnership with Denmark's leading construction companies."

Through a network for the industry's players, we aim for Woodsense to build a close partnership with the leading construction companies in Denmark and thus help shape the Danish construction industry in a green and sustainable direction.

Our buildings will tell us when problems are arising, and that will be the lever that will make our buildings sustainable - Jeppe Rasmussen
Urbantech Mentoring 2021

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