July 1, 2022

Makeover - from BeResourceful to Woodsense

Makeover - from BeResourceful to Woodsense

After the first strong test cases and sales to prominent players in the construction industry, BeResourceful is now ready to make its entry into the market for quality assurance of wood elements in the construction process.

In doing so, we have given BeResourceful a makeover and changed its name to Woodsense.

Woodsense logo and moisture sensor

If you know relevant people in the construction industry or want to join the journey as part of the team or with investment, please reach out.

From resourceFULL to Woodsense

BeResourceful came into the world with a desire to reduce waste of materials in the construction industry and reduce the significant CO2 emissions for which the construction industry is responsible.

The development of the Woodsense logo and name

We have thrown our energies into the fight for more sustainable and quality-conscious wood construction by developing "Woody", an IoT sensor for monitoring and measuring moisture in wood elements during the construction process. We have tested and validated our sensor and are now ready to truly penetrate the market and influence the industry.

Why wood construction?

Woodsense is dedicated to promoting more wood in construction.

40% of the earth's CO2 emissions come from our buildings. And while there are many good solutions to minimize the energy consumption of our buildings, there are few solutions to ensure that we can use sustainable materials.

If wood became more used as a building material in construction, then the world would have taken an important step towards achieving its climate goals. Every 1 m3 of wood used instead of 1m3 concrete or steel saves the atmosphere 2 tons of CO2.

The same recognition has meant that France has set requirements for future public buildings to be built with at least 50% wood after 2022, and that some municipalities in Sweden have set the same legal requirements. It is to be hoped that Denmark will soon dare to make these demands.

Wood has always been used as a building material and with technological breakthroughs such as CLT that can replace concrete, the wood is a continuing rising trend. For example, as an example of how you can easily replace CO2 heavy buildings in concrete with equally good buildings in wood is this 18 storey building in Norway.

The famous hightower build in Wood, Mjøstårnet

In Denmark, timber construction has similarly increased and many builders with a focus on sustainability are demanding the use of more wood in their future buildings. There are many good examples of beautiful projects in wood developed by pioneers such as NREP, Adserballe & Knudsen & many more impressive projects on the way.

beautiful projects in wood developed by pioneers such as NREP, Adserballe & Knudsen & many more
beautiful projects in wood developed by pioneers such as NREP, Adserballe & Knudsen & many more

As well as many modular manufacturers who streamline the construction process by making the wooden modules at the factory, so the construction time on the construction site is minimal, as seen, for example, in these beautiful buildings from BM Construction Industry and the like from other inspiring wood module factories.

Beautiful buildings from BM Construction Industry

Avoid moisture damage in wood

Building in wood requires knowledge. For wood, a living material and vulnerable to e.g. moisture. The typical way to guard against moisture damage is currently manual and random measurements, and this is not sufficient to capture potential damage. As a result, there is a lot of moisture damage in wood construction at 1 &5 years check, which damages the reputation of the wood and the nervousness of construction actors in building with wood - even if it is as stable and safe as other material.

Our answer to this is an IoT solution to monitor the wood elements of the construction process - from factory to onward operation. Our sensor is quickly screwed onto wooden elements with 2 screws and measures wirelessly for 10+ years the wood moisture, surrounding temperature and humidity. The data is analyzed in our platform with variables about the local weather, tree type, location and many other factors. When there is a suspicious fluctuation, alarms are sent directly to customers so that they can repair the relationship before the damage is done and save huge renovation costs.

With this solution, we can make sure to catch damage in the wood before they occur and promote the use of the wood in the construction industry.

New brand - Woodsense

The new name and strengthened focus on wood construction also meant a new brand. We wanted to combine the innovative tech with the beauty of the tree and are super excited about our new name and look, which we think reflects this combination.

After all mechanical and functional tests were over, we also gave our professionalized and market-ready sensor a makeover.

Should the product have personality or be another serious "gizmo" like all the others in the construction industry?

We went with a little personality - of course with state of the art technology inside. Here's Woody.

Woodsense moisture sensors animated on a piece of wood

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