Stop worrying about surprising building damages

Be notified immediately when abnormal moisture conditions emerge in your building. Monitoring your constructions for moisture will always make you money in the end.

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Trusted by leading contractors & building owners in the Nordics

Kruse Smith

12.000 m2 mass timber school in Lillestrøm, where the contractor discovered a water leakage due to the roofer not having sealed the roof correctly.


25.000 m2 hospital with timber facade elements. See how COWI, together with the contractor, uses the sensors for quality purposes as an additional professional supervision.

Weather observations

Why Woodsense?

With Woodsense you'll get more efficient quality assurance with less time spent, leading to a lower risk of building damages and lower maintenance costs.

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    Save time & money on quality assurance

    For every case where you need more than one measurement investing in a wireless sensor solution is worthwhile.

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    Proactive instead of reactive

    Usually you won't know there is a moisture problem until it is too late. With an automatic sensor solution you will be notified before real damage occur.

  • document

    Automatic documentation for the future

    Whether you are a contractor, building owner or advisor, documentation is essential to create trust and prevent claims.


Value for the entire building chain

The industry needs solutions that benefits all actors to create more transparency and win-win situations.


The contractor gets an easy to use tool to ensure the quality in the project, while saving time on tedious manual measurements.

Contractors who use our solution win more tenders & establish better relationships with the building owners.

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Building owner

Building owners know that monitoring a building is necessary to lower the risk of damage.

Our solution ensures transparency about the quality in the project and lowers the maintenance costs by detecting damages before they evolve.

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Our solution enables advisors to deliver better service to their customers with less time spent. This allows you to focus on other important aspects.

Our solution is hassle free to deploy and gathers important data for all actors in the construction process.

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Monitor wood moisture content, temperature and air humidity with a wireless moisture solution from Woodsense

Monitor moisture conditions with a wireless sensor

Our intelligent moisture solution measures the wood moisture content inside the timber aswell as the surrounding temperature and air humidity to detect critical moisture conditions.

The sensor can easily be installed by anyone with two screws and a three step registration process accessible through the QR code on the sensor.

It has a battery lifetime of 10 years and operates on the LoRaWAN network.

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Modern, open & simple platform for a quick overview

Follow the moisture conditions in real time through our platform.

With just a few clicks can you easily:

  • Pull reports and identify trends
  • Set up custom alarms of your choosing
  • Register sensors & location on a blueprint of your building

In addition to our measurements, we continuously retrieve local weather data from local weather stations on precipitation, humidity and temperature, which is also shown in real time on the platform.

See platform in action
A Modern, open & simple platform for a quick overview
The most advanced and valuable alarm system in the industry

The most advanced & valuable alarm system in the industry

Included in the system you will get access to the most intelligent alarm system in the industry.

Our algorithms continuously analyse the data to detect mould conditions, unhealthy trends & critical moisture conditions.

It does so based on the measurements from the sensors together with local weather data and the placement of the sensors.

In doing so our system allows you to detect unfavorable conditions for mould, critical conditions for rotting of the timber, as well as indicate if leaks, improperly mounted vapour barrier or other defects occur in the construction process

All without spending any extra time.

1. Just install

2. Trust Woodsense will detect critical conditions, and

3. Feel safe about your buildings health.

From someone that has tried many different moisture systems, then this is, without a doubt, the easiest one to install & navigate.


Birger Jørgensen

BM Byggeindustri

The reports from Woodsense have a great overview to show the building owner to ensure that the construction dries out as planned and that we react when critical conditions happen.


Niklas Overby

Adserballe & Knudsen