July 15, 2022

Monitoring in construction to promote the use of timber

Monitoring in construction to promote the use of timber

The energy consumption of buildings is responsible for approximately 40 % of the total energy consumption in Denmark, which is why climate reduction through energy renovation is mentioned by the Climate Council of Denmark, as an element to facilitate the transition towards a climate neutral society by 2050.

The focus on energy renovation to minimize CO2 emissions from our buildings is a good start, but not enough in itself, as the majority of CO2 emissions stems from the materials we use to construct our buildings.

- Does it stem from energy-intensive productions or through natural resources with minimal treatment?
- Are the resources used wisely or is a lot of waste created through poor planning and maintenance?

At Woodsense, we want to reduce the waste of resources in the construction industry through intelligent moisture monitoring to maintain the quality of timber constructions.

Monitoring in construction

The climate benefits of using timber in construction are well documented. The atmosphere is saved two tonnes of CO2 when 1 m3 of wood replaces 1 m3 of concrete or steel in the construction.

The technical qualities and benefits of timber are also well documented, but are still questioned in the industry due to a bad reputation from poorly executed construction in the past.

These have created a fear of using wood in the construction industry, which is evident in the report from SBi: "Anvendelse af træ i byggeriet – Potentialer og barrierer”. (Translated: “Use of wood in construction - Potentials and barriers”).

monitoring in construction
monitoring timber in construction

Although there are many examples of successful timber constructions that still stand after several hundred years and today acts as a pool of knowledge on how we can build safely using timber, there is unfortunately still a fear in the industry which we must address before timber can be propagated.

Therefore, there is a need for solutions to monitor the construction regardless of how well-planned it is. A solution such as the wireless moisture sensor can remove the barriers from the developer and provide an assurance that any faults will be caught, thus avoiding major damages.

When using timber in constructions, it is important to be aware of the moisture content of the wood. Wood is an organic material, and the properties of the material can be affected by e.g. changes in moisture level. Is the moisture content in the wood too high, it may be at risk of being damaged by rot and mold growth.

Through the intelligent moisture alarm, you are notified of changes or abnormal fluctuation in moisture content, making it possible to take a proactive approach to moisture management.

If you want to hear more about the intelligent sensor for moisture measurement, you can contact us here.

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