July 15, 2022

Woodsense in sustainability category at MIPIM

Woodsense in sustainability category at MIPIM

Each year, the decision makers of the real estate industry meet in Cannes. With an increased focus on new technologies and sustainability, MIPIM has created ThePropel to connect the largest companies with the newest companies and technologies to help them in the future.

“The Propel by MIPIM Startup Competition reveals the most promising and innovative startups that tackle the biggest urban challenges around the world.” - Propel by MIPIM

During the past year, Woodsense has proven to be an important player in promoting timber as a sustainable material in construction. That, along with the solution’s scaling potential, is why Woodsense has reached this year’s finals.

The technology of Woodsense

Woodsense has developed a sensor technology to capture damages in timber constructions. The sensor measures wood moisture content, temperature and humidity - wirelessly for 10 years. When the collected data is analyzed along with the placement of the sensor and data on local weather conditions, irregularities such as intrusive water, leaks or humidification can be detected.

With a simple setup of the sensors, intuitive platform and the data analysis of the alarms, Woodsense can help contractors in their quality assurance and developer to minimize the risk of damage to timber constructions.

The sustainable impact

1. More timber in construction

For every m2 of concrete and steel replaced with wood, the world saves 1 tonne of CO2. To achieve our ambitious climate goals, we must make greater use of sustainable building materials. This is one of the reasons why e.g. France requires 50% of all public buildings after 2022 be built using timber.

However, 41% of developers perceive damages due to moisture as a barrier to use timber in the execution phase, and 31% in maintenance. Therefore, this concern must be addressed in order for the material to gain traction.

Our solution helps consultants, suppliers and contractors to address the moisture concern of the developer.

2. Waste in construction

Waste in the construction industry is greater than in any other industry. As many resources go towards repairing damages, e.g. in cases of mold and rot, Woodsense significantly helps minimize construction waste by taking a preventive approach to moisture management.

The use of sensor technology has streamlined and minimized waste in many industries - now it is time for the same to happen in the construction industry. And developers seem to be ready to embrace it.

Woodsense has already found several significant damages and thus reduced an unnecessary consumption of resources, including penetrating water in a basement and a leak in a roof after not being closed properly.

MIPIM and the future?

According to MIPIM, the future will consist of intelligent energy management of buildings, next generation self-storage solutions, smart energy-efficient windows and sensor technologies for the construction phase.

All the solutions have intuitive platforms which, combined with clever algorithms, creates increased value. The same goes for Woodsense, which with a complex alarm system based on machine learning and statistics, automatically detects irregularities. In order for solutions to become large and gain international attention, it is often necessary for them to have an extra intelligent layer that increases the value of the solution.

Therefore, the team at Woodsense is proud of the recognition of both our scaling potential and our sustainable impact.

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