Getting started with Woodsense

Getting started with Woodsense

You have now got sensors and access to the platform. Here's a brief summary of the most important pages you need to know about and a summary of what to expect next.

The wizard will contain:

  • Links to setup
  • The most necessary information about the platform
  • The most necessary information about the alarms
  • The most necessary information about the reports
  • What can the data be used for?

The platform is there to provide an overview of the state of the sensors. Alarms are sent directly to your email, so you are always sure to be informed when critical conditions arise. Reports are sent out monthly, summarising the status, and reports can also be pulled by you at your desired intervals.

For setup

Getting started with the solution can be done in minutes. The gateway needs to be plugged into power, and then it works. The sensors must be screwed in with 2 screws, and then it is recorded in just a few clicks by scanning a QR code on the sensor, which sends you to our system (without installing the app) and in a few clicks it is registered and operational.


You can read in depth about the features of the platform here.

But there you can get an overview of all the sensors in your group, or click in and see the data from each moisture meter.

Sensor group on Woodsense platform
Sensor values on Woodsense platform

Or drag reports across sensors in your desired time intervals with local weather data.

Sensor report generated on Woodsense platform


Moisture alarms are sent directly to you by email, but can also be sent by mobile if necessary.

Alarms are sent when the sensors differ from the norm, such as when a high increase in accuracy is detected, when there are signs of mold growth, when rot may occur, m.m., and if the gateway or sensor suddenly stops sending data.

We are continuously working to improve our alarm system. Until it is fully in place, you must write to us to set your own selected alarms at limit values, such as:

  • Send alarm if wood moisture reaches over 12% if sensor is put on CLT element - to ensure delivery criteria are met.
  • Send alarm if the wood moisture content does not reach 10% within a month of the environment being closed - to ensure proper drying out.
  • Send alarm when humidity reaches x% during the winter period - to ensure that residents air out properly.

The alarms we have now respond when:

  • The humiditude is soaring.
  • A sensor is in optimal conditions for mold growth.
  • Tree moisture increases in a closed environment after rain to detect leaks.
  • The sluggishness has been too high for a critically long time.
  • Sensor or gateway has lost connection.


Reports combine data from all your sensors with local weather data so that it can be more easily compared. The reports contain a list of all alarms the sensors have sent, as well as all notes and images belonging to the selected sensors, so you have all documentation gathered in one place for forwarding or uploading in another system.

Frontpage of report generated on Woodsense platform

See an example of an anonymized report here.

If your purchase involves monthly reports, then you will be sent a report draw for the current month, with associated summary with conclusions from the data analysis that has been going on throughout the month.

Summary page of report

What can the data be used for?

The data is only significant in terms of the context in which it is in. That's why our focus is on creating the world's best contextual alarm system for buildings.

So how can the data be used for:

Then you should be well on your way. If you have any challenges, write to or call 42838752