Factory processes

For sawmills and suppliers of wood elements, it is essential to keep track of the wood moisture on all your wood.

In some cases, this is done with sporadic insert measurements and with machines. In other cases, it is useful to have sensors that can follow the wood humidifier level through several processes.

The sensor solution can be used to follow drying out and know exactly when the wood is ready to be painted - thus getting the wood ready for customers faster.

The Woodsense sensor solution is a moisture meter that can be used in the climate chamber and automatically notifies when the wood has reached the ideal values for removal.

The sensor solution can follow the wood as it is moved around the factory from reception, to climate chamber, treatment and subsequent storage. This can be used to ensure the factory and factory customers that the wood is perfectly treated at all stages of the factory's processes. It can thus be used both for internal learning in the organization and to give customers security about the quality.

Timber factory seen from above

Supplier benefits

The supplier gains a competitive advantage by being able to offer customers intelligent elements or modules with continuous automatic moisture monitoring.

Suppliers with a focus on quality assurance and customer satisfaction have an interest in monitoring to ensure that their elements are processed, installed and operated correctly.

In principle, the supplier is often not responsible for the use of the item after it has been delivered to the construction site, but if the item is installed incorrectly or stored under adverse conditions, the customer still becomes dissatisfied with the supplier.

Sending out elements with intelligent monitoring is not a signal to the customer that they should keep an eye on the elements because the quality of the element is not in order - on the contrary, it is a signal that the quality is so good that we would like it to be monitored because we care about our customers' use of the element.