With a lifespan of 10 years, the solution can be used for more than just the execution phase.

Use of moisture meter in basement

Many damage could have been avoided with sensors in the basement, closed structures and roofs.

Moisture penetration in closed structures where there are not often people and who cannot be inspected can develop into huge mold cases, as has unfortunately been seen time and time again.

Moisture measurement of critical areas

Construction experts also often report that residents may be guilty of moisture damage in construction. It is not a rarity that a ventilation system is peeled from the toilet, that a non-ventilated roof is used to dry clothes, that no air is aired out in an apartment or that a window is forgotten closed in a basement - all situations that can lead to moisture problems.

Therefore, it is incredibly important to monitor critical areas with moisture meter to avoid surprisingly sudden operating costs.

Better indoor climate for residents

Sensor data can also be shared with residents so that they can take better care of their indoor climate and take better care of their building materials.

Many residents have a fear of mold growth due to its health effects and because it often occurs in areas that the resident cannot see.

Having sensors in these hidden areas can also give the resident an extra sense of reassurance that they live in a good and healthy house.