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Challenges for contractors

Today, the overall moisture strategy is often a combination of covering during the construction phase, manual inspection and rectification when damage is found. The problem is that damage is only caught when it is discovered and the rectification costs exponentially more the later it is found and is more time-consuming than if they were found in the bud or just as they emerge.

75% of all construction damage is moisture-related and of these 69% occur on the construction site or within the first 5 years, of which an average damage costs DKK 800,000.

Besides that, it takes many hours every week to make moisture measurements, register and report. It can also be difficult to maintain high quality during periods when the construction site is really busy.

This can especially be missed when using subcontractors. Often, the contractor sets demands on the subcontractor for a quality level, but without being able to easily and effectively follow up on their quality or deficiencies.

How Woodsense solves this

Contractors use the solution to achieve consistently high quality in the execution of their projects and to be at the forefront of moisture damage that can topple a project's finances and damage the company.

Contractors use the sensors in places where they previously used manual penetration gauges and areas where damage usually occurs. It can be closed elements in the climate screen, a construction in solid wood, in wet rooms, detection and localization of leaks in flat roofs and in exposed places in skeleton constructions.

Minimizes repair costs by catching damage as soon as it occurs

"It is estimated that around 10 percent of the annual value of construction production goes to correcting failures, errors and deficiencies in all phases of a building's construction and operation." - Byggeskadefonden

By being at the forefront and detecting damage as soon as it occurs during the construction period, delays and expensive repairs during the export period are minimized. In addition to this, it is also valuable for the contractor to ensure his work is error-free after delivery, as 80% of damage occurs within the first 5 years when the contractor is under warranty.

Make large parts of your quality assurance automatic

Save up to 50% of the total cost of manual measurements by replacing them with our sensors. If measurements are to be taken more than a few times in the same place, then it can pay off with a sensor from Woodsense, if the investment is weighed against the time lost when performing measurements and manual registration.

Setting up the sensors couldn't be easier. The sensor is set up with 2 screws and all necessary information is registered on the phone in less than 2 minutes. After that, you hardly have to touch a finger.

"For someone who has tried many different moisture tracking systems, this is undoubtedly the easiest to install and navigate" - Birger Jørgensen, BM Byggeindustri.

The solution from Woodsense has been developed with the executive in mind. Registration is simple and through the platform you can intuitively get an overview and easily create reports for quality assurance.

"The reports from Woodsense provide a good overview that can be shown to the client. We have used it to show that the drying out has happened as planned and that we react when critical conditions approach” - Niklas Overby, Adserballe & Knudsen

All in all, you get a user-friendly system that is easy to implement on the construction site, and saves you from time-consuming and trivial work.

Increased security and cooperation

Our customers report back that they have fewer worries because they have received ongoing measurements and a better overview of the quality of their construction project. With a wireless solution, they get the opportunity to monitor inaccessible risk areas that previously caused problems and worries.

This has also led to improved cooperation with builders, who express great satisfaction with the thorough quality assurance. In addition to the financial savings of 50% compared to manual measurements, customers also experience more profit in their daily work due to time saved on documentation and less time spent on problems.

“It is a brilliant product for the new wooden buildings. There should be sensors on all major projects"
- Morten K. Mathiasen, construction specialist and expert for BYG-ERFA

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Our solution makes life easier for contractors in many ways, but here we have highlighted the most important features.​​

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Contractor case stories

Sophie Radich skolen

Sophie Radich skolen

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