Project groups

Project groups

When working with a large project, it often makes sense to split the work into separate entities and delegate responsibilities to make the work easier to manage. This is what the project groups is used for.

Example of a project group hierarchy. Here "WS Gardens" is the project name consisting of three buildings.

A project group can be used to construct a project hierarchy that fits the natural division of work in the project. The project group can be split into a number of subgroups each containing the sensors related to the given work area (being e.g. a building or section) and allowing a project manager to provide individual access to the people responsible for the given area. This way the project manager can have the overall view of the project and the ones responsible for day-to-day monitoring  can focus on their own area of the project only.

How to add subgroups

One can either add an existing group as a subgroup to a project group or create a new empty subgroup (same as creating a new group and adding it as subgroup). Both can be done using the pop-up found by clicking the icons below "Subgroups" in a group.

Click the icons below "Subgroups" to add or manage subgroups.

After clicking the icons a pop-up will be shown where it will be possible to add or create a subgroup. See how an existing group is added as a subgroup below:

Adding an existing group as a subgroup to a project.

From the Group Hierarchy pop-up the full group hierarchy can be seen. From here it's possible to switch between the different subgroups and quickly create the wished project structure.

Adding sensors to a subgroup

Adding sensors to a subgroup is done in the same way as normally. The only difference is that in order to be able to select a sensor for a subgroup the sensor needs to exist in the parent group. In the following example we have a project structure that looks like the following:

  • WS Gardens (Project)
    • Building 1 (Subgroup 1)
    • Building 2 (Subgroup 2)
    • Building 3 (Subgroup 3)

In order to add sensors to Building 1 (Subgroup 1) the sensors needs to be added to the WS Gardens (Project group) first.

Adding sensors to a subgroup requires the sensors to exist in the parent group.

Removing a subgroup

A subgroup can removed/released from a project from the same group hierarchy pop-up. See how below:

Removing a subgroup from a project group.


The following limitations exists for project groups:

  • Sensors added to a subgroup must exist in the parent group.
  • The depth of a project group cannot exceed 4 layers.