Examples of texts for tender documents

Examples of texts for tender documents

Several developers have requested a text they can use to include an intelligent solution that goes beyond the standard moisture meters, moisture loggers or insertion measurements.

If you, as a builder, want a solution that is easy to install, measures more than just wood moisture and can provide risk minimisation without much work, then put these requirements in the tender documents:

"Wireless sensors must be installed to monitor wood humidifier, humidity and temperature in the attached area. They must have a battery life of at least 5 years. Moisture measurements must be available in real time on a web-based platform, without a supervisor having to physically out and obtain the measurements. It is a requirement that the solution is intelligent and emits automatic alarms at critical levels. In addition, the data shall also include weather data for a complete basis of comparison"


"A true number of moisture meters/censors must be built into all façade walls, which can be logged for 10 years from delivery and in the case of joints between wooden elements, there must be an extra high focus on density and proper assembly."