Monitor temperature, wood and humidity with wireless moisture meter from Woodsense

Our intelligent moisture meter measures wood moisture content, temperature and humidity in timber elements and structures. In addition to our measurements, we continuously retrieve local weather data from local weather stations on precipitation, humidity and temperature.

When analyzing all factors, we can detect and alert about favorable conditions for both mould and other critical levels that can lead to rot, as well as indicate if leaks, improperly mounted vapour barrier or other defects occur in the construction process.

We make it easier to execute and document an effective moisture strategy with wireless moisture meters through:

  • Constant monitoring of critical timber structures.
  • Automatic warning for problematic conditions.
  • Documentation of proper moisture management.

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Intelligent wireless moisture sensor provides detailed insight into the condition of elements

Our intelligent moisture meter is built around an algorithm that uses weather data on precipitation, humidity, air pressure, dew point, wind direction and speed to estimate the amount of moisture in the wood.

All measurements and data are compared on our platform, where you can find information about:

  • Wood moisture compared to local precipitation
  • Humidity and temperature to identify mold growth
  • Humidity from sensor with humidity outside to detect leakages

On the platform we have also integrated  mold curves, which are derived from mathematical models from research in the field.

The mold curves are used, among other things, to visualize the environment of a given sensor, determine the risk of mold growth and alert of critical conditions to the sensor's environment.

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Groups and overview in several areas, as well as integrated alarms in platform and directly to you

On the moisture meter platform, you can get an overview of your construction project in several areas.

First of all, you have an overview of all data and moisture measurements for any sensor placed in the building, and you can get an overview of selected sensor groups, which can be divided from construction project, property or delivery.

In addition, you get an overview of integrated alarms on the platform which, in addition to registering on the platform, are also sent directly to you.

You can also place moisture meter sensors on a floor plan to create an overview of where they are located in the building. The Woodsense moisture meter sensors have a lifespan of up to 10 years.

When the sensors are to be changed after the 10 years at the end of life, the position on the sensors can be found on the floor plan - even if the original actors of the building do not remember the exact sensor location, or the responsibility for moisture handling has been transferred to another party.

In this way, the floor plan enables an easy transfer of information about sensor location to actors at all stages of the construction project.

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Personal reports with selected sensors and the time interval you want

Through the platform it is possible to draw reports that can be personalized with selected sensors, desired time interval and relevant imagery.

Once reports are formed with the selected material, they can be easily shared with other people in the construction process.

Reports and related data may be used for documentation and quality assurance. The reports can also be used as documentation in insurance cases.

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