Eliminate the risk of costly repairs on flat roofs that are responsible for 60% of all building damages

If you have a property with a flat roof, and on average 4.41% of the construction cost is spent on repairing the roof, would you spend 3% of that cost to ensure any damages would be caught?

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Place sensors around the building

Challenges as a building owner

Moisture damage is the absolute largest expense for builders. The moisture damage means sudden high repair costs, delays & complaints.

High operating costs

Sudden repair costs can be devastating for an operations department, so it is essential for every builder to build and renovate with quality, as well as build monitoring into the construction so that sudden repairs can be avoided.

Delays and losses in the construction process

In renovation and new construction, there is often a guarantee with the contractor, but it is estimated that 25% of the damage costs end up with the client anyway - in addition to the loss in reputation and time delays. It is also difficult to identify when in the process the damage occurred, which leads to conflicts and poor cooperation.

10% of the cost of construction is spent on damage in behavior and operation. (Byggeskadefonden)
75% of these are moisture-related - almost all in the climate screen.
69% of damages are found in the first 5 years. (SINTEF)

An investment in a system to monitor moisture can pay off

Of a square meter price of DKK 15,000, DKK 1,125 is thus used to repair moisture damage. On average, the Woodsense solution costs DKK 50 per m2, which can catch 80% of these damages if placed correctly.

How Woodsense solves it

An average cost for a damage is DKK 800,000 and it is estimated that 25% of that amount ends up with the client - despite insurance and contractor guarantees.

Therefore, the biggest gain is money saved, but there are several secondary positive effects.

Minimizes in-service repair costs by catching damage as soon as it occurs

Our system is used to keep an eye on known risky areas. It can be closed elements in the climate screen, a construction in solid wood, detection and localization of leaks in flat roofs and in exposed places in skeletal constructions.

With the automatic and intelligent alarms in the system, it does not require extra resources to keep an eye on your buildings.
The alarm system notifies itself when problematic conditions arise. The system understands what is critical in relation to the sensor's location, time and weather, combined with the sensor's history.

In addition, the system is part of the building's further operation and can be connected to the CTS system. Builders also use the system as additional supervision where they can point out critical conditions to the contractor themselves.

Cost of damage when localized vs not locallized

By catching damage early, the risk of damage and mold that is harmful to residents and animals to the operation is minimized.

Higher quality in construction

Several experienced builders demand in the tender that there must be sensors built in as part of the moisture strategy in critical locations.

They do this to increase the focus on quality and ensure transparency about this in construction, which leads to better cooperation and fewer time delays.

“The Woodsense sensors were a natural option to focus on KS and increase our knowledge of the hidden constructions” - Sabina Holstein, Roskilde Kommune

The solution also helps several builders to learn more about their construction and to get data on whether the chosen solution is correct. In several sustainable projects, new methods and materials are used to build, which makes it necessary to learn more about the construction method. In addition to this, the solution also helps to achieve DGNB criteria; both in the process part and extra points such as innovation points, DGNB operation & DGNB heart.

Featured features

Our solution makes life easier for the client in many ways, but here we have highlighted the most important features.

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