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Place sensors around the building

Challenges as a moisture expert and consultant

Time-consuming to perform measurements on cases

Whether it is damage repair or a case where a damage needs to be diagnosed, it often requires many trips back and forth to make manual measurements.

This is expensive and time-consuming and also limits the number of measurements - in a few cases the moisture technician may drive in vain only to find that dehumidification still needs to be done.

Difficult to ensure high quality in construction matters

As a consultant, it can be frustrating to see a properly planned construction being carried out full of errors, which can lead to an unsatisfied customer in the client.

This is both for new buildings and renovations, and both during construction and subsequent operation. As a result, a lot of unnecessary time is spent on conflict management, as it has not been possible before to keep a proper eye on the quality of the construction matter for a reasonable price.

How Woodsense solves this

When the sensors are introduced in construction cases by a consultant, the client is often incredibly happy with the insight the sensors provide and the increased efficiency and safety. For the advisors we work with, this is good, as it also comes with less work for the advisor.

Better service

The continuous monitoring of a building gives the consultant a useful overview of the quality of the building. In addition to having better insight into construction, it provides a lot of value for the adviser's customers.

The consultant's customers experience increased security in their construction, which they see can save them money both in the construction phase and in operation.

The consultant is seen as an innovative expert who makes use of the latest technologies, as all builders know very well that they will use sensors and IoT in the future, although without knowing how to get started.

The improved service allows the adviser to get closer to his clients and increases the chance of future cooperation.

Save hours

The solution is designed to help the advisor provide a better service with less time spent.

Sensor solution minimizes expenses for moisture measurements by saving driving trips and time for repeated visits. At the same time, hours can be saved on the automated reporting. This can lead to you being able to save power on dehumidifiers and take more cases.

Overall, we hear from customers that it is a user-friendly system that provides an easy overview of ongoing cases and insight into the necessary critical points.

Featured features

Our solution makes life easier for the client in many ways, but here we have highlighted the most important features.

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