IoT solution for damage detection

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Real time data
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The sensor measures timber moisture content, temperature and humidity. It is installed in no time with 2 screws and can last for 10 years without wires.

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The collected data is analyzed together with the local weather, the type and location of the wood, plus more that allows for it to detect when critical conditions occur.

ALARM & Reports
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The alarms are sent directly when the damage occurs. For quality control and insurance cases, it is also possible to draw reports as evidence.


Quality assurance from factory to maintenance

In order for timber construction to gain proper footing in the construction industry, we must eliminate damages in future timber constructions. We only do this by monitoring the wooden elements from the factory and following them throughout the value chain until the operation of the building.


By having moisture sensors installed from the factory, you can quickly and easily start delivering intelligent components as added value to your customers.


The construction site is vulnerable to wind, weather, wrong decisions and assembly errors. Use the sensors to keep track of exposed areas so that no moisture damage shows up at 1 and 5-year checkups.


As property developer, the comfort of the residents and the value of the building are in focus. With the sensors installed strategically, you can ensure zero mould and unnecessary renovations with associated rehousing.

Environmentally and financially sustainable business

The construction industry is moving towards a more sustainable direction. The voluntary sustainability class, DGNB certifications and the increasing popularity of timber construction show this.

However, all this does not matter if the building is damaged and needs to be redeveloped.

It is therefore our mission to create the technology that protects the future of timber construction, so that timber construction can gain from the construction successfully and without damage.